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January 21, 2013
The Sparta Stability Complex
When the term “Stability” gets thrown out, it is often referring to the “core”.  However, when it comes to improving athletic performance we need to consider stability in a lot more places than just the core. At Sparta, we like to think about stability as:
“The ability to maintain the proper alignment of body segments, and resist deformation from external forces”
With this in mind, we recognize a few key areas and associated muscles that we want to focus on when it comes to preparing the body to maintain proper alignment maximize our potential for GRF.
  • Hip Extension – The glutes are the key muscles when it comes to maintaining proper lumbo-pelvic alignment (relationship between the hips and the lower back).
  • Knee Flexion – The quads are the key muscles when it comes to maintaining proper alignment of the knees.
  • Trunk Rotation – Muscles throughout the core must work together to maintain proper alignment of the pelvis, rib cage and shoulder blades.
We have a Stability Complex that we use as a part of our warm-up in order to reinforce proper body position at these key areas, and activate the muscles that will promote stability. Try adding these three movements into your warm-up or even perform a few sets after some soft tissue work on a recovery day.  You will quickly realize the benefits of better muscle activation, body control, and sequencing.  That is what Stability is really all about.
January 21, 2013
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4 thoughts on “The Sparta Stability Complex”

  1. Would a weighted bridge or hip thrust be beneficial to an athlete in terms of improving FORCE and lateral quickness? Thanks.

    1. I would categorize the hip thrust as a movement for athletes who need TIME. TIME is all about deep hip flexion and full hip extension. FORCE needs are a little more about trunk stiffness and rotational stability which helps develop that lateral quickness. That is why we love loaded carries so much for FORCE.

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