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July 30, 2012
HOW to Train the Obliques for Performance
Today’s movement education continues the discussion about core stability from our post several weeks ago (See Sparta Point).  As a quick reminder, it is all about preventing movement through the pelvis, torso and shoulders in order to transfer force that is created into the ground (GRF). The 1 Arm Press is a great movement for core stability in the frontal plane (preventing lateral flexion). In addition to lateral core stability, the 1 Arm Press is also a great opportunity to educate our athletes about putting their bodies in good positions for overhead movements.  There are a few building blocks that must be stacked securely on top of one another in order for the shoulder to be in a good position for overhead pressing (and just about any other sport or activity that requires you to lift your arm).
  • Neutral Pelvis (engaging the glute helps to stabilize the pelvis in the proper position)
  • Neutral Lumbar Spine (brace the abs to lock in the spine)
  • Good Thoracic Mobility (we focus on thoracic mobility extension and rotation in all our warm-ups through soft tissue releases and mobility drills)
Athletes are at the top of their game when they can produce force into the ground, transfer that force efficiently through the torso (core stability), and put their joints in good positions to minimize wear and tear.
July 30, 2012
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