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February 27, 2013
Sports Science Made Easy
After making over a 100 presentations of the Sparta philosophy in spring training to professional baseball players, coaches, and executives, we have refined out system for the ultimate goal To have everyone use the same terminology on the field/court, in the weight room, and in casual discussions. So here is the update!

Sparta 101 Part 1

Sparta 101 Part 2

February 27, 2013
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2 thoughts on “Sports Science Made Easy”

  1. Interesting does this indicate a switch in terminology from RATE, FORCE, TIME to LOAD, EXPLODE, DRIVE or is the new set of terms a cue or mnemonic?

    I also noted that if I remember the war room correctly the last time I was there, the cue to increase RATE was quick, the CUE to increase force was neutral.

    I have been interpreting loss of lordosis and medial knee collapse as signals of low FORCE and a lack of quickness during the eccentric as a Lack of RATE. If I remember it correctly do you mind explaining the rationale for the change in cues?

  2. These terms are a evolution of terminology; load, explode, drive replaces rate, force, time.

    Force has always been quick, we changed cues though on rate to encourage tracking, a more universally understood term than neutral.

    Your FORCE, now EXPLODE, observations are absolutely correct and remain so. An athlete cannot explode quickly if the knees collapse and lower back flexes as force transmission will leak.

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