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December 18, 2012
The Hardest Core Exercise You Have Never Tried
At Sparta, we emphasize the importance of body position and sequencing in every movement that we do.  This is at the heart of analyzing movement signaturesTM in order improve GRF profiles. Core stability is a key component of improving body position and sequencing.  While every movement has some unique stability demands, we have previously discussed some of our favorite core stability exercises like Bridges, Bar Rollouts, Anti-Rotational Presses, and Farmer’s Walks.  But, none of these exercises compare to to what our athletes call the “hardest” core exercise they have ever done.  The Bear Claw.

Coaching Keys

  • Set shoulders, hips, and knees at 90 degree angles
  • Keep back flat, and “hover” knees 1 inch off the ground
  • Lift opposite hand, opposite foot, and hold
We use the Bear Claw as a part of our stability complex.  It is a great way to activate core musculature and prepare of your maximal strength work.  Try adding a couple sets of Bear Claw to your warm-up (5 reps x 6 sec. hold on each side).  It won’t take long to realize why this core stability exercise has been dubbed the “hardest” part of our warm-up.
December 18, 2012
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