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March 11, 2015
Hiring for Junior Coach Program

We are accepting applications for the Summer Junior Coach Program.


The Sparta Junior Coach Program is more than an internship.  It is an opportunity for coaches to engage in a total immersion learning experience around Sparta’s evidence based model for improving athletic performance.  This program is a transformational experience for development as a coach and the foundation for many future employment opportunities with Sparta and our college and professional partners.

Send your application to by March 30

March 11, 2015
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1 thought on “Hiring for Junior Coach Program”

  1. Hello – my name is Doug Chapman. I am the owner of HyperFit USA in Ann Arbor Mi. I am the head coach of the Miami Surge and coach CrossFit Games athletes Julie Foucher, Neal Maddox, Chyna Cho, Lauren Brooks, Shawn Ramirez to name a few.

    I am interested training with Sparta Point to help my athletes win. I think some of your testing can help give my athletes the edge.

    Please let me known if this is a good fit.

    Doug Chapman

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