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Sparta Science
Training Validation that Keeps Players Healthy
The Sparta platform crunches thousands of data points into the three actionable variables – Load, Explode and Drive – which defines an individual athlete’s ability to start, transition and finish a movement. The athlete’s data from this assessment is compared healthy and at-risk signatures in the Sparta database to determine an athlete’s risk for injury. The volume of data and criteria for determining risk signatures has been validated by leading statistics and medical research facilities.

Here are other organizations leveraging the power of Sparta to keep their rosters healthy:


“From return to play decisions to training loads, Sparta helps us make more informed decisions by looking at the relationships between physical and psychological data.”

Ron Shinault, Head Athletic Trainer

San Jose Earthquakes

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“Being able to take all the information from a number of different sports whether its Baseball, Basketball, International Soccer, other Football teams. Again, it allows us to take that information and glean predictive scores.”

Thomas Dimitroff, General Manager

Atlanta Falcons

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