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Sparta Science
Reduce Injury Risk. Maximize Performance.

The Assessment

The Sparta Scan™ identifies key thresholds for maximizing performance and reducing injury risk by measuring the amount of force one puts into the ground. The 90 second assessment is a series of 6 vertical jumps that produces a unique athlete Movement Signature™ made up into three key variables – LOAD, EXPLODE, and DRIVE. Each Signature provides insight into the injury risk, strengths and weaknesses of the athlete by comparing them to our database of over 10,000 athletes and 5,000 injuries.

“The scan shows us the relationship between these different qualities, giving us a glance inside the athlete’s body, and not just a value of force in Newtons over time in seconds. Now we know where the athlete is on the spectrum. Our end goal in training now becomes MOVEMENT EFFICIENCY

Jason Russell, University of Houston (Read Full Blog Post)

Data Driven Insights

  • Identify Injury Risk and Imbalances From Each Movement Signature
  • Individualized Workout and Rehab Programming to Resolve Athlete Deficiencies
  • Benchmarks for Development and Rehab Programs to be Metric Driven

Athlete Development

  • Improve Individual Performance and Progress
  • Monitor Fatigue – Athlete Regeneration and Integrations with Other Technology
  • Increase Visibility, Engagement and Communication with Customizable Dashboards


  • Objectively Measure Athlete Stability with Balance and Landing Assessments
  • Benchmark Driven Rehab Progression
  • Standardized Injury Tracking and Management System