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February 21, 2017
Greg Woodward, PhD
Greg oversees technology design and development at Sparta Science, and specializes dynamics & kinematics, together with agile development methodologies, with over 25 years of commercial software development experience. Most recently, Greg was CTO of NASDAQ Private Market (NPM) where he led their agile development team. Before NPM, Greg was CTO of SharesPost, Vice President of Engineering at ZOZI, and he learned agile software development at Pivotal Labs, where he spent two years at Google. At Lockheed Martin, Greg developed a nuclear missile detection system based on simulating a warhead in flight. He has served as Chief Architect and Director of Engineering at several e-commerce startup companies, and has developed several physics simulation engines. Greg graduated 1st in his class at Texas A&M University with a BS in mechanical engineering, and received MS and PhD degrees in ME from Stanford University, where his research involved the use of tethered satellites with the space shuttle. Greg is a President’s Endowed Scholar, Gathright Scholar, National Merit Scholar, and received graduate fellowships from the National Science Foundation, Stanford, and the Tau Beta Pi Honor Society.
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