A-G & Sparta Science Partnership

In support of superior student-athlete performance, injury prevention, elite training methods, and precision rehabilitation.
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A-G Administrators, a leading sports insurance provider that provides superior solutions to managing the risks associated with student-athlete medical expense programs, is partnering with Sparta Science—the leading software company that applies data and Force Plate Machine Learning technology to the pursuit of human resilience.

Shared Partners

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Exclusive A-G Injury Risk Analysis

On-site risk analysis provided by the Sparta Science Team at no cost

  • Sparta Science provides Athletic Department and team specific relative injury risk compared to industry norms.

  • A-G provides an estimate of savings based on the 45% reduction* of insurance claims for A-G/Sparta Science shared partners. 

    • Sparta Science provides one Sparta System for Jump Scan evaluations for all student-athletes, at no cost

    • Injury risk and relative risk analysis provided. 

      *based on analysis of shared clients’ data

*based on analysis of shared clients’ data

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Dixon Gillis: CEO A-G Administrators:

The ROI after implementing Sparta Science.

Visit our Readiness site to learn how Sparta Science is empowering customers with a safe Return-to-Play during the COVID Crisis, Click to Read.

Trust in Results

Real data from A-G and Sparta Science shared customers

Reduction in Surgeries

Reduction in Claims

Reduction in Injuries

University of San Fransisco

  • $290K reduction in annual medical expenses

  • 102 to 38 MRI’s from 2011-2018.

  • 59 to 23 surgeries performed from 2011-2018

University of Pennsylvania

University of Delaware

“I am extremely grateful for our partnership with Sparta Science.  We are all facing the challenge of our student athletes returning from the longest stint away from their sport.  I am confident that our high performance team is poised to navigate these challenges though our student athlete monitoring system, which heavily relies on Sparta and the accurate, reliable data we gain from it.  Our partnership with Sparta Science is integral in bringing our athletes back as safely and efficiently as we can, keeping the student athlete’s wellness at the forefront of all we do and keeping our teams healthy and competitive!”

Christina Rasnake, Strength and Conditioning, University of Delaware

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