April 13, 2020

    Auburn Tigers Football


    In NCAA football, the talent level is high and the competition is extreme, making athlete development and player availability a crucial part of successful programs. With over 100 student-athletes and limited time to train, Auburn needed an efficient system to identify individual player needs and provide player programs on a large scale.

    The Sparta Solution

    Starting in 2017, the Auburn University football program brought in Sparta Science to guide their programming, year-round. The quick assessments and intuitive software interface allows the staff to collect data and implement appropriate programs instantly – something that was impossible prior to bringing Sparta in. By understanding where injury risk lies, Auburn coaches are able to focus on the development of each individual, building the resilience of each student-athlete and of the football program as a whole. “We believe that the partnership and incorporation of the Sparta Science technology has been a positive addition to the development of our players over the past few years,” notes Conor Mielke, Athletic Performance Coach.

    Working with Sparta has sparked new ideas, and has helped us to educate the players even more on the way they move and how to optimize their movement. When athletes are intentional about their development they will start to see a change, and reap the rewards with an improved Sparta Score on the force plate. This consistent detail may be the difference in preventing a soft tissue injury on the field.

    Connor Mielke, Athletic Performance Coach, Auburn Football

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