April 15, 2020

    Bill Parisi and Parisi Speed School

    The Problem

    Private performance and sporting facilities struggle to identify the physical limitations of members prior to developing comprehensive training plans. Knowing an individual’s history of injury is paramount to seeing results in the gym. To compound the issue, members are sometimes not aware that they are at risk for injury, or simply fail to mention their past injuries when meeting with trainers to build their training regimens.

    Most trainers turn to time intensive customization of workouts and rely on individual attention to build a plan that works; unfortunately, the time spent creating these workouts takes away from the relationship building that keeps members coming back.

    Implementing the Sparta Solution

    To differentiate his organization, Bill Parisi, founder of Parisi Speed School, incorporates Sparta’s suite of assessments to facilitate accelerated performance gains and continued member engagement. When members come to Parisi Speed School, not only do they get a great workout, they receive a comprehensive analysis of their physical health.

    “With the Sparta Platform, our trainers now truly understand the physical and orthopedic limitations that members might not even know they have,” adds CEO & Founder, Bill Parisi.

    The instant analysis from Sparta’s suite of assessments enables trainers at Parisi Speed School to identify strengths and weaknesses, and write training plans for their members that improve their weaknesses while continuing to build upon their strengths. Parisi trainers save time by eliminating the guesswork from appropriate training plans.

    Watch this video of Bill talking about Sparta Scans at Parisi Speed School.

    What the Sparta Science team has created is unlike anything else I’ve seen in sports technology. The Movement Signature is simple, easy, definitive and objective in a field where so little technology is quantifiable. We’re pleased to offer it to athletes in that all-important, developmental, 8- to 18-year-old range at our flagship training facility.

    — Bill Parisi, CEO & Founder, Parisi Speed School

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