April 15, 2020

    Kovacs Institute – Human Performance

    The Problem

    There is so much information coming at coaches, trainers, and high-performance sports directors. As such, it is important to only utilize the information that is making a difference for your athletes. Sports Performance has seen changes over time, reducing the emphasis on “coaching theories” or “coaching arts” and beginning to focus on using real data to make better decisions.

    The Sparta Solution

    Data in sport spans all segments of an organization, from training, to recovery, to strategy – it’s all integrated and focussed on how we optimize athletic performance by using accurate, reliable, and valid information. This allows coaches to make better decisions.

    The Kovacs Institute relies on Sparta Science for quality, reliable data to allow them to be as efficient as possible in setting up training programs, recovery protocols, and making sure their athletes get the best information to help them perform in their sport at the highest level, while preventing injuries.

    Having correct data also helps educate the athletes and increases the conversation while they are training. The athlete asks questions about what the data means and how acting on it can make them better. And once you have an athlete asking those questions, it means they are open and willing to learn, which results in significant improvements because they’re able to see how this can directly translate to their on-field, on-pitch or on-court performance.

    Valid and reliable data is more important than ever. With Sparta Science, we utilize their large data set of over 1 million scans, which provides us with such great information of understanding an athlete’s movement better.

    — Mark Kovacs, PhD, CEO of Kovacs Institute

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