April 15, 2020

    NSW Waratahs


    The New South Wales Waratahs of the Super 15 Rugby league is Sparta’s FIRST international partner. The team will use the Sparta Platform for testing and evaluation, as well as ensure that each player is optimizing training based on their unique Sparta Signature. The Waratahs were especially interested in gaining the ability to evaluate players positions, making sure they are maximizing the talent on the team.

    Sparta Solution

    The Sparta Signature generated by the Sparta Scan will help the Waratahs differentiate their athletes by their strengths (rotational, lateral, linear, etc.), making sure athletes are at positions where they can excel.  Michael Cheika, current Wallabies coach and former coach of the Waratahs had this to say, “It’s something new, it’s progressive, I don’t think anyone else has used it down here and it’s something the players are enjoying because they’re actually able to see the change in their body strength pattern.”

    We were able to challenge a trend and improve on-field performance and reduce injury risk for these players.

    — Tom Tombleson, Current England Rugby Team Strength & Conditioning Coach, formerly with NSW Waratahs

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