July 1, 2019

    Youth Athlete Case Study with Oak Strength

    Oak Strength is a Chicago based Health and Performance Facility using the Sparta System successfully to optimize their assessment and planning techniques.

    They focus on improving athletic performance and reducing injuries of youth and adult athletes using the Sparta Scan (balance, plank, and jump), and Sparta Planning to individualize their training plans.

    The Oak Strength roster is filled with success stories of accomplishment and pride that come with improved performance, here are two recent success stories:

    Athlete’s name: Bailey Nelson, Senior at Oregon HS in Oregon, IL going to play volleyball at DePaul Univ this fall.

    What did the athlete do before Oak Strength? 

    Strength and Conditioning in her PE class. A good baseline level of strength…but came with “mysterious” hip and low back pain. 

    How did Oak Strength intervene? 

    We coach the VC United elite junior volleyball program, about 210 athletes in total. We work with Bailey’s group 2 days/week for 60 min/session. Bailey tested as low Drive on Nov 29 (right at the beginning of the club season) and she has been training in the “Drive group” since then.

    How did their results change? 

    Her Sparta Score increased from 86 in late November, to 88 in January, and reach 90 in late February.  Even more impressive is the vertical increase of 3″ over that 3 month period. Also, her mysterious hip/low back pain has reached almost 0.

    “I feel better than I have in the past seasons of playing club volleyball that I have done.” 

    What was the time span? 

    3 months

    Athlete’s name: 

    Madalyn Merwin – HS Soph at Rockford Lutheran in Rockford IL

    What did the athlete before Oak Strength? 

    Random Training. Nothing specific. Spin classes at the local gym, inconsistent PE training. 

    How did Oak Strength intervene? 

    We work with Maddie’s group 2 days/week for 60 min/session. Maddie tested out as low Load and Explode on Nov 28 (right at the beginning of the club season) and then trained in the Load Group. She then scanned out Low Explode (Jan 2) and we moved her to the Explode Group. Then on March 6 (most recent scan), she jumped her Sparta Score 6 points and her vertical 3″ in about 3 months of training.

    How did their results change? 

    Maddie reduced her injury risk to 0 using the Sparta System and increased her vertical jump 3″ and Sparta Score 6 points. Her attitude is better than ever!!!

    What was the time span? 

    3 months

    Side note:

    Maddie is a type 1 diabetic and often struggles with consistency in workouts due to blood sugar control, and sometimes has reduced her training loads. It just shows the quality over the quantity. 

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