Case Study

    Implementing an Individualized Program at Dordt University

    Sparta Science at Dordt University

    Dordt University in Sioux Center Iowa boasts an NAIA athletics program with over 600 student athletes, but only one Performance Coach and three Athletic Trainers. Sparta Science enabled Dordt to institute a thorough and effective injury prevention program by quickly providing the limited staff with the information they needed to best protect their student-athletes.

    Using a triage system, Dordt University staff was able to monitor the health of their athletes and prioritize at-risk athletes while still addressing the entire program’s performance needs.

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    “Injuries can have a lasting impact on the student-athlete experience, not only physically but mentally and spiritually. We at Dordt sought a more proactive approach to address this problem. Sparta Science has been essential in expanding the reach of our talented athletic performance team in their efforts to reduce injuries, providing personalized strength training, and rehabilitative care comparable to the largest athletic programs in the NCAA.

    Ross Douma | Director of Athletics, Dordt University