Dr. Phil Wagner on the Monarch Human Performance podcast

After receiving his medical degree from USC, Dr. Phil Wagner, founder and CEO of Sparta Science, was frustrated by the lack of evidence-based approaches to performance and injury prevention within Sports, the Military, and Occupational Health. It was this lack of evidence-based practices that inspired him to create Sparta Science. #MovementDoctor

Sparta Science is the leader in the application of movement diagnostic software. Using Force Plate Machine Learning™ (FPML™), the Sparta System identifies how you move (your Movement Signature) and provides individualized, evidence-based plans to help you move better at work, at play, on duty.

In this episode Phil talks about:

  • His journey from strength and conditioning to medicine.
  • The mission of Sparta Science.
  • How movement data is helping to inform injury risk and performance in the tactical environment.

Resources discussed:

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear