Reduce the impact of musculoskeletal injuries

Objectively identify individual strengths and weaknesses instantly with simple, self serviceable Sparta Scans

Improve Movement Health with data-driven, personalized Movement Guidance assigned in real time

Validate and monitor individual and group Movement Health using an objective, single source tracking and reporting system

The Movement Vital Sign


Actionable Insights for Limiting Risk

The first step to avoiding risk is understanding it. While there are accepted vital signs for Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate and Body Temperature, there is no vital sign for measuring the main function of the body…to move.

Sparta Science provides a movement vital sign and leading indicators for identifying, monitoring and improving Movement Health issues. 


Manage Physical Pain Without Meds

Sparta’s Movement Health Platform identifies individual strengths and areas of concern that can lead to chronic pain or increased injury risk. By following personalized Movement Guidance, individuals use movement as medicine to manage pain and remove physical limitations.


Improve the Subjective, Time Based Approach

Sparta Scans take less than 60 seconds to complete and provide an immediate snapshot of an individual’s current movement state. Simple Sparta Scan data can be used to guide, optimize and track the rehabilitation process to suit the recovery needs of each specific patient.

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