Leading Movement Health Series

    An Interview Series hosted by Sparta Science Founder & CEO Phil Wagner, MD, Exploring the Intersection of Tribal Leadership and Movement Health

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    Meet Movement Health industry leaders from Healthcare, Military and Sports organizations as they sit with Sparta Science Founder and CEO Phil Wagner, MD. Phil will host discussions with invited guests who have experience leveraging tribal leadership in Movement Health organizations. Distracted leadership can be a common blocker of success for Movement Health Organizations. Join us as we learn to acknowledge and overcome this blocker and other common hurdles in upcoming episodes.

    A Few Upcoming Episodes:


    David Shulkin | Breaking Down Silos in Large Organizations

    Lessons from the 9th Secretary of the US Department of Veterans Affairs


    1648746457682Jordan Shlain, MD | Addressing Distractions of Movement Health Information

    Lessons from a Physician


    1626325909385Christy Lane, PhD | Wearables role in Movement Health

    Lessons from the founder of the Stanford Wearables Lab


    voices-RC-Buford-listRC Buford | Sustaining a Culture of Movement Health

    Lessons from San Antonio Spurs CEO & GM


    0-4Kelly Starrett | Practical Modules for Movement Health

    Lessons from a best-selling PT author


    And many more to come.

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    Listen as Phil Wagner, MD, Sparta Science Founder & CEO is recently featured on Movement Health Podcasts. He discusses his person experience and vantage point of entrepreneurship and the direction of Movement Health, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.