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    Vertical Jump

    Single Leg Balance

    Isometric Mid Thigh Pull (IMTP)

    Single-Leg Jump

    Single-Arm Plank

    Combination Assessments

    and more.

    Profile UI Elements-1

    Physics-Based Metrics From All Assessments

    Ability to add additional metrics upon request.

    Raw Calculated Metrics and Indices

    • Symmetry %
    • Sway Velocity
    • Multiscale Entropy
    • Landing Max Force
    • Max Power
    • mRSI
    • rFD
    • and more

    Gender and Age Normalized Results

    Contextualize any metric result based on normative data to improve interpretation.
    Data Explorer

    Highlighted Metrics Optimized for Insights

    Continuously researched and developed data-driven results optimized for accuracy and usefulness.

    Intuitive Metrics, Models and Visualization

    • Balance
    • Asymmetry
    • Load
    • Explode
    • Drive 
    • Sparta Score
    • Jump Shift
    • and more

    Supporting Research and Development

    • Time-Series Data
    • 1000 Hz

    Human movement and data science expertise combine to provide simple and intuitive results.

    Data Visualization

    Assessment Results

    • Raw Units
    • Gender Normalized (T-Scores)
    • Age Normalized (T-Scores)
    • (csv export and API)


    • Individual user and metric data over time
    • Group and Team Dashboards
    • Team and Organization trend and compliance over time


    Offline capabilities
    Hosted on industry leading provider Amazon Web Services
    All data is encrypted with AES256 keys in transit and at rest
    Data transfers, app, and API all encrypted with SSL/TLS1.2+ connection enforced
    Authentication via Amazon Cognito (OAuth2 protocol)
    SEIM threat monitoring and alerting 
    Secure SDLC
    and more.

    Open API for external integrations
    Third party data integrations

    Full information for security, data privacy, and compliance report available upon request.