Utilizing Sparta Science for Injury Rehabilitation

A system to objectively assess and monitor strength, balance, proprioception,

and movement to guide criteria-based rehabilitation protocols.

Trusted by Organizations Worldwide

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Injury rehabilitation protocols are predicated on subjective measurements that, while often successful, limit the practitioner and athlete from full confidence in each step along the way. Utilizing Sparta Science technology in the rehabilitation process provides objective measurements that offer a full-body assessment of strength and proprioception.

Three Unique Objective Assessments

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Phil Wagner, MD: CEO and Founder of Sparta Science
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Balance Scan

The Balance Scan assesses unilateral strength, balance, and proprioception (concussion).

takes 2-3 minutes

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Plank Scan

The Plank Scan assesses upper extremity and core strength and stability.

takes 2-3 minutes

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Jump Scan

The Jump Scan assesses movement strategy, relative strength, explosiveness, and relative injury risk.

takes 60-90 seconds

How to Utilize the Sparta Scans


(all stages of rehabilitation)

  • Proprioception

  • Unilateral Stability

  • Balance & Coordination (concussion)

  • Fatigue & Readiness


(all stages of rehabilitation)

  • Core Stability

  • Upper Extremity Function

  • Core Strength & Endurance

  • Fatigue & Readiness


(mid to late-stage rehab)

  • Strength

  • Neuromuscular Function

  • Movement Compensation & Injury Risk

  • Fatigue & Readiness

Criterion Based Approach to Rehabilitation

How is Sparta different?


Full body objective measurement of movement, strength, and proprioception that is simple and fast to complete.

Big Data

Database powered by machine learning and 3rd party validated research identifies inherent injury risk based on movement assessment.


Automatically identifies meaningful change to provide insight during rehabilitation and allows for progress to be monitored objectively.

Trusted by Experts

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Dr. Tammara Moore

Sports Physical Therapist

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Colonel Stephen Armes

Former Director of Force Fitness

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Dr. Eric Laudano

Senior Associate AD for High Performance, Saint Joseph’s

General Scott Winter

Australian Army, 3rd Brigade

“Sparta has been the scientific glue that brings together adaptable and dynamic teams of Physical Training Instructors, Clinicians and Commanders.”

Connor Mielke

Auburn Assistant Athletic Performance Coach

“Working with Sparta has sparked new ideas, and has helped us to educate the players even more on the way they move and how to optimize their movement.”

Andrew Takata,

Director of Athletic Training Orthopedic Associates of Hawaii

“We are seeing benefits from all our patients - everyone across the board, whether recovering from an injury or just trying to improve overall performance. It's the future of training and rehab.”

Reliable and objective functional movement assessment allows for practitioners to identify potential compensations or red-flags that subjective isolated assessments can often ignore.

How to Utilize the Sparta Scans

Monitor Progress

  • Scans performed for healthy and pre-op injured individuals to provide valuable baselines and context for rehab process.

  • Progress and fatigue are monitored to provide guidance and feedback throughout rehabilitation as the progression is typically non-linear.

  • Database provides context and relative injury risk independent of baseline metrics to optimize safe and successful return to play.

Provide Alignment

  • The data provided by the Sparta Scans provides information for all departments on both healthy and the injured.

  • Sparta Science customers have access to unparalleled education and consultation with our team of experts.

  • Provides a platform for communication between the physical therapist, athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach, sport coach, and, most importantly, the athlete.

Create Confidence

  • Objective and frequent assessment can provide clarity and confidence to an injured individual in this state of uncertainty.

  • Criterion-based rehabilitation helps to remove subjectivity and outdated time-based return to participation protocols.

  • Assessments and platform provide educational opportunities to improve buy-in and motivation.

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