Reimbursement Guide for Medical Professionals

Sparta Science is an innovative company focused on reinventing medical outcomes measurements. Our goal is to identify and subsequently reduce injury risk in the healthcare space through the use of force technology.


Diagnosis Code (ICD-10) Code Description M62.50 Muscular Wasting and Disuse R26.0 Abnormality of Gait R26.1 Abnormality of Gait R26.89 Abnormality of Gait M62.40 Spasm of Muscle M62.81 Muscle Weakness R42 Dizziness R27 Lack of Coordination M25.569 Pain in Joint; Lower Leg M17.10 Osteoarthrosis, unspecified

CPT Code Code Description 97750 Physical Performance Test 99201-99205 New Patient Evaluation 99211-99215 Established Patient Evaluation 97110 Therapeutic Exercise 97112 Neuromuscular Re-education