Black Powder: Best New Supplement or Sawdust?

Black Powder is one of the new supplements talked about by many athletes, especially baseball players. It claims to be the “first and only pre-training matrix to employ the powerful NOS Up-regulating whey “peptide fraction” ACTINOS2, delivered with MRI’s “Instant Release (IR) Technology. Now you get the over-whelming advantage of an Instant surge of 950% more nitric oxide, combined with the most scientifically potent pre-workout compounds delivered in ratios measured to precise gram-molecular specification.”

Wow, that is a lot of fancy words so it sounds breathtaking. Black Powder may contain what it says and be approved by the NSF for guaranteed purity for pro/Olympic athletes involved in rigorous testing (Major League Baseball teams even hand it out to players).

Unfortunately, as summarized previously (see SpartaPoint 9/9/09), several studies have made it clear that simply providing the main ingredient in these products, arginine, to athletes does not result in improvements. Natural arginine levels are far in excess of what should activate the enzyme responsible for Nitric Oxide production, therefore there is no added benefit to increasing arginine levels in the body.

Dear athletes, save your money. Dear Major League Baseball, be careful which supplements you support.