Eat the Yolk

By Sparta Science

November 23, 2009

Along with ridiculous dietary trend of non-fat foods (see Sparta Point 11/20/09), egg yolks have been rumored to be unhealthy due to their cholesterol, almost forbidden for those of us committed to sound nutrition.

Unfortunately for those specialized egg white cartons, dietary cholesterol isn’t bound to blood cholesterol and has little relation to those numbers you get from blood work in a physician’s office. In fact, eggs have been linked to higher HDL levels in your blood, the good cholesterol.

In addition to the fat soluble vitamins (i.e. eliminating the need for a mutlivitamin) and high protein levels, the saturated fat and cholesterol in eggs raises testosterone production. So if you’re competing AGAINST our athletes, just eat the egg white and throw out that yoke.

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