Ropes With A Purpose

By Sparta Science

April 8, 2013

Battle Ropes have become a popular training tool over the last few years, and for good reason. They are hard, and they are fun. Today we will talk about our intent (see Sparta Point) with the ropes, and how we incorporate them into our program.

At Sparta, the primary goal of the ropes is to build competition and camaraderie between our athletes. We often finish a session with a “Battle Complex” that pairs a number of upper body, core, and cuff movements into a competitive circuit that is done for time. The ropes address local muscular endurance for the shoulder and rotator cuff muscles.

3 Rope Variations

  • Vertical Waves - Shoulder Flexion
  • Circular Waves to the Outside - Shoulder External Rotation / Circumduction
  • Horizontal Waves - Shoulder Abduction

Coaching Keys

  • Base Position - back flat, chest up
  • "Lock In" Posture - back, shoulders, neck
  • All movement comes from the arms
So, while our goal with the ropes is mostly just plain old hard work, we never want to lose sight of the importance of maintaining good posture and body position in everything that we do.  Take some time to evaluate the intent of your workout "Finishers", and think about how they might affect your movement signatureTM.

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