The Power of Self Reflection

September 16, 2013

We just hosted our Fall Roundtable Seminar here at Sparta over the weekend. It was an awesome opportunity for discussion and collaboration with top coaches from around the country as well as experts in sleep, nutrition, and injury prevention. One of the key themes from the weekend was creating a system of Evidence Based Training. The challenge of creating an evidence based system as a coach is getting past personal biases / emotions (exercises that you love), not being threatened by new ideas / information (what does the research really say?), and committing to creating an objective, scaleable, and universal program.

Self Reflection

As we have worked through the process of refining our program, we discovered some areas that we needed to make more measurable in order to improve the tracking of movement signature changes. One of the main challenges that we faced was improving the ability to measure and track improvements in our Reactive Strength movements. Additionally, through long term force plate testing, we were able to  determine that we needed to improve our prescriptions specific to EXPLODE.

Reactive Strength Prescription for EXPLODE

The Base Jump is a great prescription for EXPLODE. The principles behind EXPLODE require movements that emphasize bracing, transfer of forces, and quickness. The base jump is a solution for these requirements that fits the standards of objective. scaleable, and universal. We are able to track improvement by standardizing distances and measuring speed (reps completed in a set time).

How to Base Jump

Coaching Keys:

  • Keep the shoulders square and the feet pointed straight ahead
  • Use quick arm action initiated from the shoulder
  • Maintain a braced torso while the feet work laterally

What are you using to evaluate your athletes' needs? How are you measuring improvements in everything you do? Are these methods objective? For us, this meant scrapping movements that we "love" in order to improve our program and produce better results. Overcome your biases, open your mind, and embrace change.

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