Train for Power Without Pain

November 5, 2012

At Sparta, we work with quite a few athletes who are managing injuries, or returning from surgery or rehab. It is important for these athletes to understand that an injury is never a reason not to train. Regardless of the situation, there is always something that we can be doing to get stronger, more flexible, enhance the recovery process, and improve performance.

The forces caused by ground impact are one of the main things that we avoid with athletes who are recovering from lower body injuries, or athletes who are in-season and feeling a little beat up (see Sparta Point).

The Versapulley is a great tool for training explosive power without the stress of ground contact.  The Versapulley is unlike any other machine in that the resistance is provided by inertia (see Sparta Point).

More Force = More Resistance = More Eccentric Load

This allows us to work on the explosive drive portion of the movement and work on maintaining good body position during the controlled eccentric portion of the movement.

The Versapulley Push Press is an awesome alternative for vertical explosive movements like depth jumps and push jerks.

Coaching Keys:

  • Hip width stance - toes straight ahead
  • Drive with ankle knee and hip
  • Maintain upright torso on the controlled eccentric portion of the movement

The Versapulley is great because it allows us to provide a training effect for our athletes even when they are banged up.  The eccentric component also makes the Versapulley very metabolically demanding, so our athletes get the conditioning benefits and the feeling of "working hard" which can be a refreshing change from spending time in the training room.

Remember, even if you don't have access to a Versapulley, there is always something you can be doing to get better.

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