Trouble Gaining Weight?

Yesterday, I just heard another one of our athletes saying his friend had trouble gaining weight. In the last decade of coaching thousands of athletes, this statement has a ridiculously simple solution, eat more calories.

At Sparta, we usually have to introduce what really training is like, exposing new athletes to levels of work and intensity that they have never experienced. Eating is the same way. You may think you’re eating a lot to gain weight, but caloric intake is central to solving your problem.

While we take a detailed, healthy approach to most of our athletes, those individuals who struggle to gain weight must take a different approach. I’ll never forget a good friend and coach, Jim Steel, opened his lunch one day to reveal 6 hamburger patties that he would consume for his afternoon snack. Powerlifters have been known to order large pizzas and dump olive oil on top for added calories. So if you’re truly looking to gain weight (and not just whining that you cannot gain weight), eat a few huge meals a day, just make sure your definition of huge is bigger every meal.