VIDEO - Santa Clara University Women's Volleyball

The Santa Clara University Athletic Department doesn't have a full Strength and Conditioning staff. This left the Women's Volleyball team with three different strength and conditioning coaches int the span of a year and half. Coaches Jon Wallace and Aaron Mansfield approached us looking for a solution that would improve the team's culture around training, as well as address injury prevention, performance gains and integration with the rest of the Athletic Department. Sparta coach Phil Brady assumed full time responsibility of the teams' strength and conditioning program, including use of the Sparta Software, recovery (nutrition, sleep soft tissue) guidance and coordination with the teams' coaching staff. Having already worked with SCU head Strength and Conditioning coach Evan Van Becelaere implementing the Sparta Software and Force Plate system with other SCU teams, the transition was seamless. The volleyball team saw great improvements in recovery after making some nutrition modifications, and the coaching staff has drawn insight to on-court performance from the force plate scans.