What Starting Stance Should Wide Receivers Use?

August 10, 2012


BY SANJAY LAL  Wide Receivers Coach, New York Jets

Here is a concise lesson on maximizing your stance and start that has a unique twist, developed from sprinters’ blocks starts:

· Apply 85-90% of pressure on your front foot, with most of the weight on the ball of your foot.

· Your back foot carries the remaining 10-15% and is used as a stabilizer only.

· Do not turn your front foot in for balance, rather, widen your base (widen the rear leg).

· Your torso should have a good forward lean.

· This stance may take some practice to become comfortable.

· Once in the correct stance, imagine that your front foot is “nailed to the ground”.

· Explode off the ball by “running away from your front foot”.

· You will not “push off” to create momentum, but rather throw your back knee forward to create forward momentum. Use your hip flexor to “pull” your rear leg forward to “run away from the front foot”.

· As your rear foot comes forward and approaches the ground, imagine it “smashing a pumpkin”.

Delivering this force into the ground will propel you into the drive phase. If properly employed, this technique will eliminate any false step issues and is geared to getting you into drive phase efficiently and explosively.

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