Year in Review: Top Articles of 2016

January 2, 2017

This time of year coaches often get a chance to review their program to see what worked and what didn't, as well as design new programs for the coming year. With this in mind we wanted to look back at our top posts of the year to see what topics were popular with our readers.

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are The Top 8 Articles of 2016:

Why the Force Plate does not Matter

Force plates may appear to be the total solution, or more often in the US, GPS is perceived as the catch-all solution for arorts science. The reality is that both solutions are not necessary, as they require something far more challenging than the hardware itself; they require consistency and subsequent validated actions to be effective.     Read More  >



Data Management for Coaches- How to Get a Seat at the Table

One of the toughest things to do as coach in the strength and conditioning world is to challenge the status quo and do something unique, new, and different. We feel that the greatest breakthroughs in our industry occur when excellent coaches can get consistent longitudinal data. Such focus can position the coach to be the “decision maker,” holding both the keys to the use and establishment analytic models for that data.      Read More  > 



Guest Post: ODU’s, Ryan Martin 

“De-emphasizing the Barbell Squat to Improve DRIVE: Unilateral Dominate Training For D1 Football Skill Players"

The average 1RM Back Squat for Skill Position Players increased by +47lbs. We have also seen a dramatic change in movement efficiency on the field through their abilities to accelerate/decelerate and change direction. Most importantly, through our seven month off-season, we have had zero soft tissue injuries for our Skill Position Group.       Read More  > 



VIDEO: St. Louis Cardinals’ Stephen Piscotty

St. Louis Cardinals Outfielder, Stephen Piscotty is already making a name for himself in the Big Leagues. A Bay Area native and Stanford Alumni, he enters the 2016 season having earned a starting role on the Cardinals roster at age 25. His hard work and dedication has become apparent in his game stats alone having increased his home runs from 9 in 2014 (AAA) to 18 in 2015 (combined AAA and MLB).        Watch Video  >



Why Bodyweight % isn’t What it Sounds

As athletes, if you want to get larger, it is so you can produce more force.  If you can’t produce more force with the gain, then you created non-functional mass.       Read More  >  

VIDEO: Return to Play Athletes

Struggling from an injury as an athlete is both physically and emotionally challenging. Time based recovery has become the norm for injury protocol, but lacks individualization and is unrealistic when working with athletes.       Watch Video  >



Returning to Play; a Plan to Avoid the Loneliness

You are not training or playing with your team or coaches, you are on your own program. It is like treading water in the dark, until suddenly land appears in the distance and you can finally swim to shore. Unfortunately the timing for this appearance of land is unclear and generally simplified by an arbitrary, set timeline.       Read More  > 


vincelombardiData Maturity in Sports; The Pursuit of Depth

Vince Lombardi saw this need for simple depth to achieve success even 60 years ago. He saw this simplicity of depth as the best route for communication to staff and players, when such understanding was ubiquitous within an organization, then execution was possible.     Read More  > 

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