The Sparta Movement Health Platform

The new Sparta Movement Health Platform introduces several major upgrades and powerful new features that enable you to fit Sparta Science into your workflow more seamlessly than ever before

Take a look under the hood

Go beyond our simple Sparta Metrics and access the additional data types you need to be successful.

Time Series Data

Can be used to calculate any metric from an assessment performed on the force plate and used by researchers and data scientists for independent study.


Calculated from time series data to help explain the size and strength of force plate data signals.

Normalized Data

Raw data is contextualized by comparing against a global database and specific cohorts. This enables ranking, comparisons and threshold development for awareness and decision-making.

sparta Metrics

Proprietary machine learning derived metrics for quantifying movement qualities such as Injury Risk.

Put injury risk and performance into context using the Sparta database

Compare Users based on things like gender, age, position, job function and MOS.

Flexible tagging helps you visualize population-specific comparisons and helps us develop specific injury or performance predictive models.

Secure and Private Data Practices

Manage data privacy within your organization using new admin rights features that allow you to define who interacts with and views data internally.

The Sparta Movement Health Platform is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Faster assessment throughout with more efficient Scan protocols

The new combined scan protocol gives users the option of collecting jump and balance data in one go.

Force Plate Machine Learning™

Sparta’s Force Plate Machine Learning™ (FPML™) engine is fueled by over 12 years of aggregated force plate, injury, performance, and exercise data across a variety of different population groups. Through the combination of accumulated data and advanced machine learning techniques, Sparta Science delivers a uniquely powerful system for movement health.

We use machine learning in real-time to validate collected data, automatically identify issues that could jeopardize data integrity, and guide corrective action, ensuring you are only taking action off of reliable and up-to-date metrics. 

Read more about our back-end architecture here.

No internet connection? No problem.

Scan and view scan results in real time with no internet connection. When you regain connection scan data will automatically upload to the cloud.