Sore and Beat Up??? – The Worst Thing You Can Do Is NOTHING

One of the hardest things to do as an athlete is to maintain strength and get a good training stimulus from your workouts when you body is tired and your joints are sore from the demands of practice and competition.

At Sparta, we use the Versapulley as one of our key tools for in order to still train reactive strength and improve GRF while eliminating the ground contacts that put the most stress on joints.

The Versapulley Squat to Row is another one of out non-impact reactive strength movements like the Woodchop and Push Press.  The Squat to Row emphasizes the horizontal vector, and is a great way to mimic the eccentric strength and body control that is necessary for single leg landings.

Coaching Keys:

  • Maintain square shoulders and hips

  • Load through the front leg (70% of weight)

  • Finish in a tall position at the top with elbow beside the rib cage

The worst thing you can do when you are feeling sore, tired or beat up is to do nothing.  You must have some tools available to maintain a training effect, reinforce movement patterns, and restore function.  Next time your body is not feeling up for plyos, try substituting the Squat to Row and continue to improve your reactive strength without the pain of ground contact.