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The Problem

Professional teams pay 22% of their total payroll to injured players

Athletes suffer more than 2,000 injuries per 10,000 individuals

90% of student-athletes have reported some sort of sports-related injury

The Solution

Talent and Injury Risk Identification

Sparta Scans are used to identify strengths and weaknesses in athletes during scouting and recruiting. The Sparta System compares individuals to a database of their peers to project performance potential and identify injury risks.

Fatigue Management and Monitoring

The speed of the Sparta Scans promotes frequent assessing and creates consistent, longitudinal data that helps identify abnormal changes and patterns of muscular fatigue. Fatigue related injury risks are identified proactively, allowing athletes and staffs to proactively adjust programs to prevent injuries.

Performance Enhancement and Rehab Efficiency

The Sparta Scan™ helps Sports Medicine and Performance staffs validate the efficacy of performance and rehabilitation programs by closely monitoring trends with objective, real time data. This instant feedback creates a metric-driven process, greatly improving the traditional, time-based approach.

Cross Departmental Communication

Real time, objective data helps organizations create standardized metrics for communication, allowing Sports Medicine, Performance, Administrative staffs to be on the same page, focusing on the athlete first and involving the them in the conversation.

Watch how Sparta Reduces the Risk of Injury for Sports

Stacy Carone: ATC, CSCS, Associate AD for Sports Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

“Our injury rates our first year and a half – our average days lost went from 16 to 3 which was a remarkable way for me to say to our AD, ’Hey we can do more of this. We’re just scratching the surface”.

Gabe Bauer, Director of Performance, Colorado Rockies

“We weren’t even looking at the injury-prevention side of things originally… The results we’re getting back, honestly, they’re amazing.”

Jeff Foster, President, National Football Scouting

“For me after 12 years of looking at a lot of things to implement, I’m excited about Sparta because it really can help us on both sides, medical and performance.”

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