Stack: How This Cutting-Edge Technology is Making Pro and Collegiate Athletes Stronger and Faster

Stack Coaches & Trainers

By: Adam Haley

Nov. 21, 2016 (MENLO PARK, CA) Strength and conditioning is an art. You can create the best training program in the world, but things don’t always go as planned.

No two athletes are alike. Some have different needs, or weaknesses and imbalances. Others don’t respond well to certain types of training.

Coaches must carefully assess their athletes, monitor how they’re progressing and keep an open dialogue to ensure the athletes can handle intense training. Otherwise, they run the risk of blindly training them, ignoring their needs and failing to reduce the risk of injury—or even causing one if they’re not careful.

This is especially difficult in a team setting. It’s next to impossible for strength coaches to assess their athletes as frequently as they would like to when managing dozens of athletes.

To help strength coaches—along with sports medicine and sport coaching staffs—monitor athletes, Sparta Science developed SpartaTrac, a software platform that uses data to assess performance.

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