Top 5 Sports Industry Predictions for 2020

Athletes will take more control over injury management

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By Alex Silverman 


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Athletes will take more control over injury management

One of the most pronounced trends in sports business over the past decade has been athletes taking more control of their own off-court endeavors and financial futures. Phil Wagner, founder & CEO of Sparta Science, believes the next frontier in athlete autonomy could be injury management.

Wagner, a physician whose musculoskeletal health diagnostic technology is used by more than 100 professional and college sports organizations, said the company has started working with individual players to help them make more informed decisions about their health. Sometimes, the interests of the team in injury management and rehab don’t necessarily align with those of the athlete.

“We had two players this year that we worked with that were rushed back from rehab because their teams were trying to get them back on the field so they can trade them,” he said. “As these teams continue to treat these players like assets, players’ ownership of their own information and monitoring is going to increase to the point where teams may not even be involved anymore.”

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