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    September 2023

    microphone CHRISTY LANE, PhD | SEPT 12

    Episode 4: The Roles of Wearables in Movement Health

    In this episode, Phil Wagner, MD, CEO & Founder of Sparta Science talks to Christy Lane, PhD about the role of wearable technology in relation to movement health care. They discuss

    • Wearables give reliable data, technology is not the blocker to adoption
    • Intrapreneurs, who are they and what role do they play in change management
    • The future of wearable technology as a clinical tool

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    conference  LIVE EVENT | FORT MOORE, GA

    September 12-14 | Fort Moore, GA

    2023 Maneuver Warfighter Conference Expo

    Meet us at Booth #8 in Fort Moore!
    Book a meeting with a Sparta Science Rep beforehand.

    conference  LIVE EVENT | PHOENIX, AZ

    September 21-23 | Phoenix, AZ

    ASCEND 2023

    microphone CMSgt JAMIE NEWMAN  | SEPT 26

    Episode 5: Accountability for Fitness and Self-Care to Maintain Readiness

    In this episode, Phil Wagner, MD, CEO & Founder of Sparta Science talks to CMSgt Jamie Newman, Command Chief Master Sergeant for the United States Air Force Life Cycle Management Center about how to maintain readiness through self-care and about how to balance managing business priorities and health priorities.

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    October 2023

    conference  LIVE EVENT | WASHINGTON, D.C.

    October 9-11 | Washington, D.C.

    AUSA Annual Expo 2023

    Come see us in the Human Performance Pavilion powered by Beaverfit!

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    Past Events & Recordings

    videoconference  WEBINAR RECORDINGS

    August 23 | TBI Assessment & Rehabilitation: A Balancing Act with Thomas Buckley

    JUN 21 | Balance and Aging: Promoting Health and Longevity in Older Populations with Dr. Debra Rose

    MAY 25 | Evaluating Performance Technologies for Real-World Utility with Josh Hagen, PhD

    MAY 3 | Optimizing Performance for US Special Agents with Frank Wintrich, CSCS

    APR 18 | Sustaining the Human Weapon System in US Special Operations with Chase Phelps, PhD

    APR 4 | Sustaining the Human Weapon System in US Special Operations with Joe Denk, MS, CSCS, CPSS

    MAR 22 | Optimizing Billing Processes in Movement Health with Jesse Shaw, DO

    FEB 15 | Strengthen the Therapeutic Alliance with Accessible Movement Profiling with Steve Fell, Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist

    microphone PODCASTS

    1517689212873Aug 29 | LTG Ross Coffman, Deputy Commanding General of the Army Futures Command In episode 3 of Leading Movement Health, Phil Wagner, MD, CEO & Founder of Sparta Science talks to LTG Ross Coffman, Deputy Commanding General of the Army Futures Command about building the strongest army for the future, and leveraging innovation to do so.  Listen to the episode.

    1648746457682Aug 15 | Jordan Shlain, MD, Founder Private Medical In Episode 2 of Leading Movement Health, Phil Wagner, MD, talks to Jordan Shlain, MD, Founder and Managing Partner of Private Medical about how to be successful in leadership of complex organizations. They delve into the importance of encouraging executive teams to rethink their approach to effectively move the needle. Listen to the episode.

    David_Shulkin_official_photoAug 2 | David Shulkin, MD, 9th Secretary of the VA

    In our new exclusive interview series, Leading Movement Health, leaders discuss the intersection of Movement Health and tribal leadership. In the first episode Phil Wagner, MD, interviews David Shulkin, 9th Secretary of the VA, on breaking down silos to provide optimal movement health care in large organizations. Listen to the episode.

    Fitt Insider PodcastJuly 2023 | Phil Wagner, MD Featured on Fitt Insider Podcast

    Hear from Sparta Science Founder and CEO, Phil Wagner, MD, as he shares his journey from the field to entrepreneurship in movement health innovation and more on the recent episode on Fitt Insider.
    Listen to the episode.

    The Code Podcast QuoteJuly 2023 | The Code: Optimize Performance with Movement Intelligence

    Phil Wagner, MD, sits down with Dr. Andrew Fix of The Code Podcast to share his experience and intel on the landscape of physical therapy with the onset of Movement Health and AI.
    Listen to the episode.

    AWS Health Innovation PodcastMay 2023 | AWS Health: Impact of Movement Health on Disease

    Hear the discussion on how data is improving outcomes in movement health by facilitating standards for assessments. Phil Wagner, MD shares personal background and experience with this evolution in the space. 
    Listen to the episode.

    Passionate Pioneers PodcastMay 2023 | Passionate Pioneers: Optimizing Movement 

    Learn how the landscape of combining modern data science, clinical expertise and epidemiological principles can fuel organization-wide movement health decisions. 
    Listen to the episode.

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