The Sparta Movement Health Platform:
Data-Driven Movement Health

Our customizable platform enables organizations to accurately and efficiently assess movement health, capability, and function to provide continuously improving data-driven insights and software capabilities to streamline and improve Movement Health at scale.

Sparta Scan Application

Users execute simple movement scans on a high-fidelity force plate that captures real-time ground reaction forces. Through a combination of machine learning models and biomechanical analyses, the time series data is transformed into a set of movement health metrics, and injury risk and performance scores, empowering users to make fast and accurate decisions.

Sparta Cloud Software

Scan data and results are uploaded to a cloud application where individuals access their Movement Health profile to view improvement over time and where organizations can manage the health of their entire workforce. Sparta Cloud supports multiple different user personas, complex hierarchical organizational structures, and role-based access to support diverse customer needs. Capabilities include rich comparative analysis reports, and a full-featured set of administrative functions for organizational leaders.

Movement Guidance

Individualized training recommendations are instantly generated based on movement metrics and risk and performance scores. Assign plans automatically or manually with the option to create audibles based on individual User movement restrictions.

Implementation & Services

Equally as important as Sparta’s Movement Health Platform to your success are the services we provide and the relationships we will build throughout our partnership together. Sparta assigns dedicated Customer Outcomes and Customer Experience managers to your organization who stay with you every step of the way, from purchase through implementation and education to renewal. The health of the individuals who make up your organization is our top priority. We emphasize building relationships, with the goal of becoming an extension of your team.

“It’s the data that comes from Sparta and the partnership that we get from it. We are a small operation of six athletic trainers and two sports performance staff members. If I want to dig deeper into the data, I can pick up the phone and call. We meet and look at the dashboard together. It’s as if I have another staff member to help me dig through the data.”

— Stacy Carone: Associate Director of Athletics for Sports Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore County