The Sparta Movement Health Platform
powered by Force Plate Machine Learning™

Our customizable platform seamlessly integrates into existing processes and systems and the accuracy and precision of our insights improve with every scan, multiplying an organization’s ability to protect its most valuable asset - its people.


Predict injury risk & fitness status in under two minutes with Sparta Scans


Automatic assignment of individual training or rehab plans proven to prevent injuries


Validate team success with reports on individual, team and organizational readiness state

Sparta Scan Station

A simple self-serviceable two minute scan per person securely uploads data to cloud storage and analytics engine and displays instant results. Intelligent learning modules improve injury risk and fitness predictions with every scan, validating an individual’s injury risk profile and readiness to return to their team.

Personal Fitness and Injury Planning

Automatically assign and track personalized workout plans built using machine learning analysis across billions of historically captured data points and intelligently adjusts to actual ongoing results. Organizations prevent injuries, accurately predict team readiness, and increase fitness levels using the world’s smartest computable force plate database.

Team Fitness and Injury Tracker

Identify trends for early corrective intervention by aggregating and displaying team performance and readiness trends over time. Drill-able individual, team and organization fitness and injury reporting enables cross-organization injury and performance management using an objective single source  tracking and reporting system.


With access to the industry’s best practices from Sparta expertise and our customer community, organizations trust our team of industry experts to deliver a prescriptive integration with consistent, proven results.
“It’s the data that comes from Sparta and the partnership that we get from it. We are a small operation of six athletic trainers and two sports performance staff members. If I want to dig deeper into the data, I can pick up the phone and call. We meet and look at the dashboard together. It’s as if I have another staff member to help me dig through the data.”

— Stacy Carone: ATC, CSCS, Associate Director of Athletics for Sports Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore Countya

Quick Start Implementation Service

Scan and Plan instantly with our out of the box Quick Start Implementation Guide

Team Leader Training

Onsite or remote training program with a dedicated Sparta Customer Success Manager ensures mastery of The Sparta System for current and future team leaders

Plan Optimization Consulting Service

Training or rehabilitation plan optimization with one of our industry experts leveraging insights from our database and data science team

Sparta Academy

Digital, self paced onboarding modules to understand all things Sparta Science. The history of our company, the theories that fostered its inception and an in-depth overview of the Sparta Scans, the science, research and practical applications.

Sparta Success Portal

FAQs, best practices and specific use cases. Learn from our constantly growing knowledge base with contributions from our team and customers.

Sparta Science Platform Data Connector

API based access to Sparta Science data

Sparta Science Custom Data Analysis Service

Access to our in house data science team to analyze historical data to your unique requirements, including creating and deploying customized Machine Learning models for injury and performance analytics.