Machine Learning in Action

Introducing MSK (Musculoskeletal) Health

Sparta Science’s MSK Health is the first ever Force Plate Machine Learning™ metric; a representation of an individual’s relative risk of injury.

The human body and experience are incredibly complex, making the prediction of injury a daunting task. It takes many unique data inputs to generate a holistic representation of an individual’s state at any given time, and we need the help of machine learning techniques to make sense of complex relationships/interactions at play.

MSK Health is the introduction of Force Plate Machine Learning capabilities within the Sparta software. It has the infrastructure to handle a growing number of inputs from force plate signals and additional contextual data for unprecedented and ever-improving accuracy.

MSK Health provides a concrete deliverable of an individual’s relative risk of musculoskeletal injury compared to the average person, making the metric both meaningful and easy to understand.  With higher numbers representing greater resistance to injury, users are empowered to improve their MSK Health without worrying about alarming messaging around injury risk.

To learn more about how MSK Health works, click here.