Make Big Data Feel Small

    Sparta Science's human data platform transforms human-centric data into operational intelligence.

    Drive Operational Efficiency

    With Sparta Science, organizations are better positioned to detect patterns early, mitigate risk, and gain a competitive advantage.

    Align Your Organization

    Sparta Science's platform serves the needs of businesses on an organizational level while supporting practitioners and users in their daily workflows, facilitating macro and micro learnings. 

    Gain Expertise

    Organizations partner with Sparta Science to gain expertise in data collection strategies, analysis techniques, and implementation science, extending their reach and bolstering their capacity to optimize outcomes.

    Future-Proof Your Investment

    By accumulating valuable data sets and embedding self-learning ML technology, organizations are positioned to solve tomorrow's problems using the assets they generate today. 



    Capture, cleanse, organize, and store human observation data from any source.

    Capture Human-Centric Data


    Extract insights from data with a powerful embedded Calculation Engine or a team of experts.

    Extract Intelligence


    Deploy insights across the organization, meeting stakeholders where they are.

    Take Action Where it Matters

    Get The Full Picture

    Operational intelligence begins by bringing the right data together. The platform facilitates better data collection, aggregation, and organization practices.

    Data Integration

    Connect from any system

      Electronic Health Records
      Body Composition 
      And more...

    Collection Tools

    Jumpstart the path toward operationalized intelligence with native assessments.

    Sparta Scan Kit

       Guided Screens
       Custom Surveys

    Readiness Classification

    Predictive Analytics for Proactive Decisions

    Intervene earlier and with more accuracy with data-informed decisions that impact the outcomes that matter most.


    Cluster Analysis

    Profiling for More Personalized Care

    Deliver more effective training and rehabilitation programs by taking a data-driven approach to understanding the needs of the individual.

    Population Statistics

    Humans are Complex, Context is Everything

    Make even the most complex data palatable by putting it into context with meaningful benchmarks.

    Anomaly Detection

    Monitor for Unexpected Changes

    Detect anomalies or unusual changes to enable faster intervention and limit the downstream burdens.

    Reliability Analysis

    What Metrics Can You Rely On?

    Determine which metrics to trust as the basis for strategic decisions with analysis of your own real-world data.


    Deliver Intel Where the Action is

    Allocate Resources

    Fuel operational efficiencies with targeted staff placement and coverage decisions.

    Deliver Interventions

    Provide personalized care to users through digital delivery systems.

    Alert Stakeholders

    Notify team members of abnormal patterns directly - in the tools they use every day. 

    Trigger Workflows

    Automate existing workflows with data-driven triggers.

    Measurement Strategies to Support Your Teams

    Many technologies serve as ‘tools in the toolbox’ but fail the test of time. This five-step guide includes practical steps and implementation science frameworks to help evaluate and choose a solution fit for your organization.


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    Disclaimer: The Sparta Science force plate is a registered medical device. The Sparta Science Human Data Platform is a general wellness device.