How it Works

    Great Technology is Invisible

    Sparta Science technology integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, enabling more time for human interaction.

    How It Works In The Field

    No other Movement Health technology provides rapid, easily-digestible, and actionable insights like
    Sparta Science. Learn what a holistic, scalable big data platform can do for you.

    Simple Two-Minute Assessment

    Self-guided assessments on highly sensitive force plates capture thousands of Movement Health biomarkers in seconds. Simple prompts and error checking along the way ensure a smooth user experience and exceptional data quality.


    Real-Time Biomarkers

    Biomarkers are extracted from sensor data and clinically-accepted biomechanical metrics are surfaced. Additional machine learning-derived metrics such as Fall Risk are delivered in real time. 


    Informed Decision Making

    Instantaneous cohort comparisons and useful classifications give actionable insights while removing extensive manual testing and complicated analysis. Organizations can leverage a massive historical database to glean powerful comparisons on the first day of use. 


    Stakeholder Collaboration

    Role-based access means the right data is delivered to the right party at the right time. Whether organizations want to see cohort comparisons or track an individual's progress over time, insights are delivered live, are easy to consume, and are tailored to each role.


    Accelerated Big Data Learning

    Sophisticated backend architecture enables the platform to continuously learn as more data enters, providing organizations with a data asset to answer pressing questions. From comparing recovery times to creating novel predictive models, opportunities to glean organizational intelligence are only limited by imagination. 


    Any Data, Any Time

    Every layer of data generated by Sparta Science is accessible via direct export or API. A powerful data processing engine, the platform can also ingest external data from sources like wearables, surveys, HIPAA-secure EMR data, and other performance measures to create a 360-degree view of organization-wide Movement Health.

    Need Movement Health Strategies?

    Many technologies serve as ‘tools in the toolbox’ but fail the test of time. This five-step guide includes practical steps and implementation science frameworks to help evaluate and choose a solution fit for your organization.


    Drive Operational Efficiency

    With Sparta Science, organizations are better positioned to detect patterns early, mitigate risk, and gain a competitive advantage.

    Align Your Organization

    Sparta Science's platform serves the needs of businesses on an organizational level while supporting practitioners and users in their daily workflows, facilitating macro and micro learnings. 

    Gain Expertise

    Organizations partner with Sparta Science to gain expertise in data science, exercise science, and rehabilitation, extending their reach and bolstering their capacity to optimize outcomes.

    Future-Proof Your Investment

    By accumulating valuable data sets and embedding self-learning ML technology, organizations are positioned to solve tomorrow's problems using the assets they generate today. 

    Use Cases

    Applications for a Data-Informed Approach


    Organizations can pragmatically identify and group Movement Health status at scale to drive efficiency, better allocate resources and make data-informed decisions.


    Access objective biomarkers that go above and beyond traditional biomechanics to accurately assess and monitor Movement Health response to rehab treatment.


    Gain insights ranging from phenotyping to resourcing to individualized training that optimizes human performance initiatives.


    Study Movement Health conditions, including musculoskeletal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, mobility and falls, and neurodegenerative disorders.

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