What is Movement Health

    Movement Health is Fundamental to the Human Experience

    Impaired movement impacts more people than any other condition, yet most actionable insights lag behind other health barometers.

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    Movement Isn't Just MSK

    Movement Health is the ability to move freely without pain, limitations, or uncontrolled movement. The definition is simple to understand. The complex systems that make us move are harder to fathom. It's tempting to isolate musculoskeletal (MSK) anatomy, but all systems—including the nervous, circulatory, and respiratory systems—contribute to how humans experience movement.

    Organizations Lack Data and Systems to Make Sense of Movement Disorders

    Whether you are fit, unfit, an elite athlete, or working at a desk, you will likely find yourself injured, in pain, or at Physical Therapy at some point. Unlike Type II Diabetes or heart disease, Movement Health risk factors are largely up for debate and are not exclusive to a specific population. 

    The complexity of the problem and lack of consensus among professionals calls for a big-data approach. E-commerce, streaming services, and industrial manufacturing have big data at their core. It's now primed to advance the Movement Health space.  

    Wearable technology, through big data, has fostered understanding and improvement of certain health conditions.  Still, it cannot capture the crucial information that lies within—not simply how much people are moving, but how they are moving. 

    It's time to move beyond shallow, segmented, non-standardized data assets.

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    A Modern Approach to Movement Health

    These principles are the driving forces behind our solutions.

    Biomarkers Beyond Biomechanics

    To fuel a big-data approach, movement biomarkers must expand beyond basic biomechanics and be accessible at a massive scale.

    Passive and Active Product Improvement

    A technology infrastructure that evolves over time, with growing data assets, enables never-before-seen deep learning opportunities and insights.

    Data Intelligence with Stakeholder Relevance

    To make a true organizational change, solutions must close the data loop for all stakeholders with timely, relevant insights.

    Ethical Data Privacy and Security

    Sparta Science acknowledges and adheres to the highest data security and compliance standards while ensuring critical information flows in and out of the platform. 

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