The Team Readiness Solution

Predict, Improve and Validate individual and team availability with the industry’s only machine learning force plate database.

Force Plate Machine Learning (FPML)

Sparta Science is the industry’s gold standard for Force Plate Machine Learning that predicts, improves, and validates individual and team availability. With a simple, self-serviceable two minute scan per person, organizations increase fitness levels, prevent injuries, and accurately predict team readiness using the world’s largest machine learning force plate database.

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Organizations rely on Sparta Science for musculoskeletal injury risk evaluation, team readiness and increasing physical fitness.

“Sparta has been the scientific glue that brings together adaptable and dynamic teams of Physical Training Instructors, Clinicians and Commanders. We are incredibly thankful for this partnership as we continue to learn from each other.”

General Scott Winter

Commander, Australian Army 3rd Brigade

“For me after 12 years of looking at a lot of things to implement, I’m excited about Sparta because it really can help us on both sides, medical and performance.”

Jeff Foster

President, NFL Scouting Combine

“Sparta is a readiness multiplier that uniquely provides objective assessments by measuring fitness level, injury risk, and rehab success at SPEED and SCALE for large organizations.” 

Maj. Gen, Malcom Frost

US Army, Former Commander of Initial Entry Training

Sparta in the Press

How revolutionary force plate technology could save troops from injuries and slash defense spending

As it stands, more than 55,000 active-duty U.S. soldiers – wracked by war wounds and injuries – are deemed non-deployable.

In 2018, more than half of all active-duty soldiers sustained some form of physical trauma – with over 70% diagnosed as lower extremity micro-traumatic musculoskeletal (MSK) or “overuse” injuries.

And aside from the gaping hole it leaves in the defense and security arena, the medical costs related to MSK ailments across all military branches cost the U.S. taxpayer more than $575 million per year.

But in a bid to solve the impasse and cut down on costs, the Department of Defense is turning to an emerging new force plate and machine learning technology – from Sparta Science – to pinpoint potential problem points to prevent future maladies, zap the attrition rate and increase physical readiness.

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“Sparta equips them with actionable insight that they can use in a way that uniquely fits into their overarching training philosophy. The online platform makes the organization and dissemination of athletic information simple so all key people within the organization are aligned.”


“Commanders and leaders — with the advice of assigned fitness and medical professionals — would develop customized training programs to strengthen trouble areas while minimizing the chances for injury while on duty…Service members can be scanned weekly or monthly, giving leaders the ability to hold individuals accountable for progress and a clearer, up-to-date appraisal of overall fitness levels.”

“Sparta Science’s track record for reducing injuries and optimizing performance across the fields of sport, medicine and the military is second to none.”