The platform for movement health

Over 1.7 billion people worldwide deal with an MSK condition.

Unlike other conditions, there is not a universally accepted vital sign for movement health. Our platform provides objective movement health analysis to identify movement vital signs that serve as leading KPIs, inform proactive decision making and interventions, and improve movement health outcomes.

Poor movement health is the top health cost driver for organizations.

Our technology reduces the impact of costly injuries and movement disorders at scale.

Supporting SEALs, Seniors, and everyone in between

The platform to reduce costs and improve outcomes

Objective Movement Assessment

Replace the traditional weight scale with an objective FDA registered diagnostic tool to provide objective movement insights to inform intervention.

Early Risk Identification

Utilize out-of-the-box or custom built predictive modeling driven by machine learning to identify and stratify risk groups to optimize workflow.

Reduce Costs
and Claims

Identifying risk earlier puts people on the right path from day one, leading to better treatment and improved outcomes.

Efficient and Scalable

Large organizations benefit from faster throughput, instant data visualization, and scalable data collection and management.

The Sparta Movement Health Platform:
On-site, in the cloud, in your pocket

Sparta Scan

Practical, objective movement assessments combining research grade hardware and built in machine learning

Sparta Cloud

Centralized, enterprise reporting for managing the movement health of your entire organization

Sparta MOVE

Individualized exercise treatment plans delivered directly to a user’s mobile device automatically

What people are saying

“Sparta has been the scientific glue that brings together adaptable and dynamic teams of Physical Training Instructors, Clinicians and Commanders. We are incredibly thankful for this partnership as we continue to learn from each other.”

General Scott Winter
Commander, Australian Army 3rd Brigade

“The most motivating feedback we’ve ever been able to give our elderly clients has come from Sparta Science’s Balance Scan. We have individuals regaining autonomy and taking back control of their life… We’ve never seen anything work better for motivation and results.”

Nich Pertuit
CEO & Founder, Healthy is Wellness

“Sparta is a readiness multiplier that uniquely provides objective assessments by measuring fitness level, injury risk, and rehab success at SPEED and SCALE for large organizations.”

Maj. General Malcom Frost
US Army, Former Commander of Initial Entry Training

What people are saying​

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