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    Force Plate

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    Efficient, Objective, & Actionable Movement Assessments

    Pioneering the transition of force plate technology out of the laboratory and into the real world, Sparta Science provides an accessible and user-friendly Force Plate and Scan Kit solution.



    Standardized Force Plate Scans

    Sparta Science provides research-grade hardware with consumer-grade software for quick and easy movement scans.

    • Jump Scan - Assess reactive strength, performance, asymmetry, movement efficiency, and risk 
    • Balance Scan - Assess stability, proprioception, balance strategy, and symmetry
    • IMTP Scan - Assess absolute strength, rate of force development, and fatigue
    • And more, including Plank, Progressive Balance, Weigh In, Single Leg Jump, Stability, and Free Scan. 
    Scan Results Panel

    Synthesized Insights

    Sparta Science transforms complex kinetic data into simple, intuitive, and actionable results.


    • Age and Gender normalized results
    • Asymmetry insights for baseline and rehabilitation
    • Movement Efficiency and Risk
    • Movement Focus to individualize training
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    Full Access to YOUR Data

    Sparta Science gives you unfiltered access to your data to visualize, report, and export freely.


    • Dashboards, reports, and visualizations
    • Visualize and export raw metrics
    • Access to 1000 Hz time-series data
    • Open API for integration

    Sparta Science's design helps facilitate direct conversations about results without the unnecessary jargon.


    Marcel Pastoor | Former Pittsburg Steelers Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

    We use it in a variety of ways. We use it for risk of injury analysis, we use it for return to play, we use it for programming and monitoring fatigue.


    David Deets | Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Performance at The University of Tulsa

    As we aim to optimize high performance in athletic settings, Sparta Science’s platform provides an easy-to-use tool that facilitates exploration of the relationship between force production and performance.


    Andy Fry, PhD | Director of the Jayhawk Athletic Performance Laboratory

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