October 9, 2009

    Front Squat: Most Important Meal of the Day

    If you could only pick one movement to make you a better athlete what would you choose? Hopefully you answered a squat. It stimulates more lower body musculature than any other exercise, and your ability to press into the ground with this lower half of your body (GRF) determines every movement.

    To ensure safety and proper technique, Sparta athletes always start with the front squat, looking to achieve 40% of body weight for 3 sets of 8 reps. They continue for months (sometimes years) undulating at specific percentage targets for reps/sets/rest periods, all based off their current bodyweight. Their ultimate goal is to achieve a weight of 120% body weight for 3 repetitions, generally about 110 kilos for our typical high school male. Once they have achieved this milestone, we substitute front squat for back squat to allow greater loads to be lifted, and thus allow continued lower body strength improvements.

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