June 19, 2012

    HOW to Improve Quickness and Agility

    Today’s movement education addresses one of our favorite tools or pieces of equipment that we use here at Sparta.  The Slideboard.

    Most coaches use the slideboard for training lateral power in the frontal plane and for non-impact conditioning.  This typically looks like a speed skater gliding from side to side – hips flexed, chest forward, and arms swinging side to side.  While this is a great movement, there is so much more that the slideboard has to offer.

    Our athletes developed a new technique on the slideboard in an effort to do more work in a set amount of time (increased power output).  We challenge our athletes to complete as many lengths of the slideboard in a given time interval.  The result is a technique that involves a much more upright torso, wider base, and a much greater rotational component.

    As you can see, this technique is very different from what most coaches have done in the past.  Benefits include:

    • Upright torso (thoracic extension and rotation)

    • Hip mobility

    • Better angles (wider base)

    • Power output (more work in less time – greater conditioning effects)

    Additionally this way of doing the slideboard has much better carryover to broad groups of athletes.

    • Court athletes – lateral quickness (shin angles)

    • Rotational athletes – dissociation of the hips and thoracic spine

    • Field athletes – agility and change of direction (hip mobility and stability)

    Give this new technique a try and post you comments below.

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