March 11, 2013

    How to Master Agility

    Speed and Agility. These are two elements of athleticism that are some of the most sought after.  When it comes to training for speed and agility, coaches and athletes must consider how to be as efficient as possible with their training time and the movements that they use. We have talked extensively about speed and agility in the past.

    And, as we have learned, it always comes down to your Movement Signature and angles.

    The Crossover

    Your Movement Signature is developed through precise strength training, based on your individual needs.

    The second way we train our athletes for better agility or change of direction movements is to create better angles, specifically mastering the crossover.

    Coaching Cues

    • Push through the outside edge of the foot

    • Drive the knee and toe across the body

    • Use the upper body to counterbalance the lower body and “flip the hips”

    • Stick the landing with a square, stable base

    Efficient change of direction and agility always comes back to the ability to maintain our center of mass in good relationship to the ground.  The single crossover drill is great for helping athletes learn how to flip their hips, create good angles, and get in and out of cuts efficiently.

    Don’t bother with ladders or cone drills, just add the single crossover drill to your skill work and you will be on your way to mastering the fundamentals of agility and change of direction.

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