June 11, 2012

    HOW to Master Rotational Power

    This week’s movement education segment focuses on the fundamentals of rotational power and shows one of the basic progressions that we use at Sparta to develop this skill with our athletes.

    The Basics

    • Load angle (maintaining a proper edge and alignment with the foot and knee and hip)

    • Thoracic extension / rotation (dissociation of upper half and lower half)

    • Front leg stiffness (brace and convert lateral forces into rotational forces)

    • Extension (thoracic spine and arms extend on the release)

    The MB wall drills allow us to work on lower body backside vs. front side mechanics as well as maintaining proper posture and angles through the upper body.

    At Sparta we use 1-2 sets of 5-8 reps on each side as a part of the skills warm-up that prepares our athletes for more dynamic rotational movements.

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