July 9, 2012

    HOW to Train the Core – Starting “Without” Rotation

    Today’s post will explain a little bit about how we approach core training at Sparta.

    First, core training extends well beyond the “abs”.  Core training really encompasses all the musculature that works to integrate the hips, trunk, and shoulders.

    Second, with this broader definition of the core, we must look at movements rather than just thinking about “core muscles”.  With this concept of movement, our core training program revolves around stabilizing or preventing movement in all the planes in which the hips trunk and shoulders operate.

    • Sagittal Plane – “Anti” flexion / extension

    • Frontal Plane – “Anti” lateral flexion / extension

    • Transverse – “Anti” rotation

    This brings us to today’s exercise – the Anti-Rotational Press


    The last thing to remember about our approach to core training at Sparta is that all movements are core exercises.  This is where expert coaching helps athletes’ learn better body awareness, control, stability, and sequencing in everything they do.  The result is more efficient athletes who are more resistant to injury.

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