May 31, 2018

    Leaders Performance Institute: Living the Spartan Life

    How Sparta Science is making data speak to athletes.

    By: John Portch

    May 31, 2018 (UNITED KINGDOM) Sparta Science’s track record for reducing injuries and optimizing performance across the fields of sport, medicine and the military is second to none. One of the most notable aspects of its ever-evolving SpartaTrac force plate software and technology is its transferability. “We work in Singapore with stroke rehabilitation patients and, at the same time the technology is used by the San Francisco 49ers,” says Dr Phil Wagner, the Founder and CEO of the Menlo Park-based organization.

    Wagner also tells the Leaders Performance Institute about the further inroads made by Sparta Science in US special ops (“that’s now our largest area”) and in the medical space, where its technology can be found in hospitals, clinics and surgeries across the globe. It is undoubtedly impressive but our focus this bright California morning is its roots in sport.

    “In 2008, we started as a training facility for college and pro athletes during their offseason,” Wagner continues. “Then after a few years, being based in Silicon Valley, it began to evolve into a full-blown technology business that continued to leverage the individual data here but also began to license that technology to sports organizations.”

    That came in 2012 and in the ensuing period, Sparta Science’s network of partners has expanded to include a wealth of colleges and professional teams across some of the biggest sports in the world, including the NFL, English Premier League, and southern hemisphere rugby’s Super League. The organization has enabled almost 600,000 completed scans across all its verticals.

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