November 4, 2016

    Sports Illustrated: Sparta Science turns wearable data into training strategy for athletes, teams

    By: Hayley Slye

    Nov. 04, 2016 (PALO ALTO, CA) Today trainers and athletes have the ability to collect huge amounts of data variables via new wearable and fitness tracking technologies. At Sparta Science, their primary objective is to translate that data into something useable.

    “We’re focused on depth, not width,” said Mike Hoffmann, a former strength coach who does business development at Sparta. “The whole goal of sports science is to help sports practitioners save time. Not collect more data points.”

    Sparta is a two-piece program that pairs data collected from a force plate with a comprehensive software program, SpartaTrac, that allows trainers and coaches to turn that data into something actionable.

    “Rather than saying here’s a hundred different data points you can get from the force plate, we’ve found what we think are the most reliable and valid and then started diving deeper,” Hoffmann said.

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