October 2, 2017

    Software Solutions: What Should Technology Do for You?

    We have a challenge today with technology in separating out what is truly scientific from what is merely digital. Entrepreneurs and engineers are hoping to take advantage of the current sports technology boom, but often don’t have the knowledge or the patience to follow the scientific method and focus purely on sexy and intuitive. Not all data are created equal. To scientifically validate, the quality of the data (reliability) and the quantity of the data (depth) cannot be sacrificed. But to take this science from the research lab into the real world it must also be practical and intuitive. This marriage of science and practicality is truly rare.

    It is extremely important now more than ever to understand what the goal of technology should be as new hardware and software solutions are popping up all the time. The golden rule is that utilizing any new tools or technologies need to help you and your organization to save time and make better decisions. Tech should not merely be a toy to play with, and definitely not an additional chore or task to do.

    “What we’ve been able to do is standardize and aggregate a series of assessments to quickly ascertain, “Ok, here’s what I’m good at, here’s what I need to improve, and here’s the best plan that we know of the available evidence.”

    SPARTA’s 100+ high school, collegiate, professional, health, and military partner organizations are not only able to make use of simple intuitive software to allow for improved communication and compliance of patients, athletes, soldiers, and practitioners, but by being a part of the Sparta Family of organizations they are able to take advantage of a massive aggregated database that scientifically validates risks and best practices. By analyzing an individual’s movement using the Sparta Software Platform, they are able to identify strengths and weaknesses based on that individual’s Movement Signature and prescribe the best plan for that individual based on the latest scientific evidence.

    These organizations are now able to utilize sports software solutions and technology to achieve these two goals:

    1. Make better decisions: practically assess and individualize an individual’s experience based on scientific evidence to reduce their risk of injury, improve their performance, and ultimately be available to move better.

    2. Save time: utilize a simple, practical, intuitive system to improve compliance, buy-in, transparency, communication, and alignment within their organization.

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