April 13, 2020

    University of Delaware


    When the University of Delaware was evaluating technologies, they were focused on finding a fully integrated system that is reliable and shows a clear return on investment. With the dual goals of improving student-athlete health and reducing medical costs, the university was seeking a data-driven solution to achieve its goals and they found this in the Sparta system.

    Sparta Solution

    The Sparta system is used by the entire athletic department to benchmark the readiness of student-athletes, identifying strengths and pinpointing areas where their athletes can improve. By identifying what each individual needs, the strength and conditioning staff is taking a proactive approach to the health of its student-athletes, saving time, money, and improving the performance of its teams throughout the season.

    Sparta also creates consistency across and collaboration between Delaware’s medical and performance staff by facilitating a continuous conversation regarding the health of each student-athlete. This conversation brings the focus on student-athletes to the forefront and ensures that everyone on the team is speaking the same language, driven by objective measures.

    Integrating the Sparta Science data with our programming has made the conversation consistent between our strength & conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, team doctors, sports coaches, and the student-athletes.

    — Christina Rasnake MS, CSCS, USAW, FMSC, RPR. Strength and Conditioning, The University of Delaware

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